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Swami Lakshman Joo KASHMIR SHAIVISM : The Secret Supreme INR 690 INR 552.00 N/A Not Available
ABOUT THE BOOK :Kashmir Shaivism: The Secret Supreme Swami Lakshmanjo more
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T. Selva VASTHU SASTRA INDIAN FENG SHUI for Health Wealth Happiness Harmonious Living & World Peace N/A Not Available INR 690 INR 552.00
ABOUT THE BOOK :T. Selva s best seller book takes an in depth look int more
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Alka Vijh UNDERSTANDING RELATIONS: The Vedic Astrology Way N/A Not Available INR 276 INR 220.80
ABOUT THE BOOK : This book is about understanding equations of relatio more
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Nandini Dilip Dhargalkar SARIRA-KRIYA-VIDNANA:A Text Book of Physiology in Ayurveda(2 Volumes) N/A Not Available INR 1380 INR 1,104.00
ABOUT THE BOOK :This book strictly covers word to word syllabus by C more
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J. Krishnamurty CHOICELESS AWARENESS: A Selection of Passages from the teachings of J. Krishnamurti N/A Not Available INR 207 INR 165.60
ABOUT THE BOOK : Introspection and awareness are entirely different. I more
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Mahamudra The Moonlight The Quintessence of Mind and Meditation
KUNDALINI TANTRA :Seminal work on Kundalini chakras and Kriya Yoga
Hymns of the Rgveda
A Sanskrit Reader : Text Vocabulary and Notes
Buddhism in Translations
Para-trisika-Vivarana of Abhinavagupta The Secret of Tantric Mysticism
Caraka Samhita (4 Vols.) :Critical Notes (Incorporating the commentaries of Jejjata Cakrapani Gan
A Concise Encyclopaedia of Hinduism(3 Vols)
Gayatri :The Highest Meditation
Pali - English Dictionary
FOUR CHAPTERS ON FREEDOM:Commentary on the yoga sutras of patanjali
Concentration and Meditation
A New Course in Reading Pali : Entering the Word of the Buddha
A Sanskrit Grammar for Students
Health in Your Hands (Vol 1 )
Secrets of Marma : The Lost Secrets of Ayurveda
Buddhism in Central Asia
Sanskrit is Fun (Part II):A Sanskrit Coursebook for Beginners
Ayurvedic Medicine : The Living Tradition A guide to ayurvedic generic formulations
SRI VIJNANA BHAIRAVA TANTRA:The Ascent:Commentary on the classical tantric text
The Jataka or Stories of the Buddha s Former Births (6 Vols. in 3 Pts.)
A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary
NAWA YOGINI TANTRA : Yoga for Women : Explores the needs of women from a yogic perspective
Hathatatvakaumudi (A Treatise on Hathayoga by SUNDARADEVA
Building Architecture of Sthapatya Veda(Illustrations Volume II)
A Vedic Grammar for Students
Shri Ramacharitamanasa The Holy Lake Of The Acts Of Rama
HATHA YOGA PRADIPIKA:Elucidates the entire science of hatha yoga
The Large Sutra on Perfect Wisdom with the Divisions of the Abhisamayalankara Translated from the
Human Physiology - Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature
Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda (9 Volumes)
Chandogya Upanishad by Sw. Gambhirananda
Spanda - Karikas : The Divine Creative Pulsation
Yoga For Your Type: An Ayurvedic Approach To Your Asana Practice
How I Found God Roles played by Fakir Shirdi Sai Baba as God and the Spirit Masters in my Spiritu
Ayurveda Home Remedies : A User Friendly Guide to Cure Diseases in the Simplest way
Practical Ayurveda
Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses:Spiritual Secrects of Ayurveda
The Cosmic Calculator (5 Vols.):(A Vedic Mathematics Cource for Schools)
Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary (2 Vols.)
PRANA AND PRANAYAMA : New edition of the original text on prana and pranayama
DHARANA DARSHAN : Yogic Tantric & Upanishadic Practices of Concentration and Visualization
The Buddha Nature A Study of the Tathagatagarbha and Alayavijnana
Concise Pali-English Dictionary
Massage Therapy for Disease of Vital Areas ( Marma Treatment)
A Sanskrit Primer
Adhyatma Ramayana
A Rapid Sanskrit Method

New Arrivals & Reprints

Buddhist Logic and Quantum Dilemma
Caste and Buddhist Philosophy
Cult. of Vinayaka
Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Vol. 11)
Essays in Buddhist Theology
Indian Monoliths